Interactive showcase - Pampero Rum (Diageo) 
Maiquetía International Airport, Venezuela.
Art and concept.

The primary inspiration was the ferocious Venezuelan diaspora. It saw a major increase during the presidency of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, due to increasing economic hardships, repression, crime, downturn, corruption, censorship, etc.
Rum Pampero has a long tradition of Venezuelan Rum production. It is one of the main souvenirs from Venezuela, among the memories, its people and its experiences. That's why the campaign slogan "There are memories that can be packed" (In spanish: "Hay recuerdos que sí pueden empacarse"). With the need to remind everyone that we left, probably not everything you want can be carried in a suitcase, but the smells, the taste of the earth, are already with you.
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